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Readers & Writer’s Rock! is part of the Children’s Book Recycling Center, a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization.


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What We Do: Readers & Writers Rock! is committed to challenging inequity and providing books and multicultural author experiences to underserved children and their educators. We believe all children deserve access to books and diverse authors.

“Windows and Mirrors,” coined by literacy expert Rudine Sims Bishop, is how we think about inclusive and diverse texts that are critical to building empathy and self-knowledge. “When books are mirrors, they reflect the self. Children find resonance with characters who look, live, and think like they do… As windows, books transport children as they discover characters and cultures different from their own.” – Tonya Leslie, PhD. Read for a Better World Educator Guide Grades 2-3, LernerClassroom

Our Story

Thanks to an independent bookstore grant by author James Patterson to bookstores engaged in innovative ways to get people reading, Children’s Book World, Los Angeles, launched the nonprofit Readers & Writers Rock! Generous donations allow us to continue and grow the program.

Praise From The Schools

All the teachers and students are still raving about the event (with Meg Medina) last week and equally ecstatic about reading their new books. As for the books, they have already been distributed to the students individually and they are so proud to be an owner of a brand new book. Again, we are truly grateful for our partnership and your support! It truly takes a village!

– Marvin Ave. Elementary, Los Angeles

I really enjoyed how Meg Medina explained to us how she was putting the book together. I learned from the book that don’t worry about how you look and that we are beautiful just the way we are.

–  a student at Marvin Ave. Elementary

Thank you so much for your profound generosity in providing my class with copies of DEFIANT (by Wade Hudson)…I see them proudly toting their books around campus, so I know that being given a book has had a profound effect on them. Moreover, most of the students had never seen a real author before, so being invited to “meet” Mr. and Mrs. Hudson has been another significant experience in their lives.

– Van Nuys High School

What I am enjoying about reading this book is that Mr. Hudson talks about his personal life because it can inspire others to make better choices. 

– a student at Van Nuys High School

He (Christian Robinson) was a delight to meet and his presentation was just magical. The children are still talking about the fact that they too may one day grow up to be a writer or illustrator. These are the kinds of real-life inspirational moments that we are trying to give our students to encourage them to keep striving and working hard to reach their goals.

– Wilder Preparatory Academy, Los Angeles

Praise From The Authors

Our virtual talk with students at Van Nuys High was one of the most meaningful presentations we have had with students…Well-conceived and organized book events like this one are so crucial in dealing with issues and ideas that young people face in today’s challenging and confusing world.

– Wade Hudson & Cheryl Willis Hudson